Herbal Bath Brew

This artic adventure started as experimental healing teabags for my tub and has become more than just a healthy hobby.

I started making Bath Brews for myself as a part of my journey towards better health following a long battle with cancer (and then some). Chronic physical pain has forced me to adjust my life in countless ways and taking loads of warm baths is one of them.
But a bath is not just a bath, my thinking is that since I have to rely on them, I should maximise the pleasure of each soak. So I started experimenting, adding all kinds of wonderful stuff to the water including epsom salt, sea-kelp, aromatic oils and healing herbs I got from local shops.

I have over the years done loads of research on healing herbs, natural remedies and essential oils, all of which I’ve been using internally and externally for a long time, before I started using Icelandic herbs.

I was raised traveling Iceland with my geologist father and biology teacher mother who taught me more than I liked at the time about the country, its herbs and local traditions.

In the beginning I only collected selected Icelandic herbs for their medicinal purposes with the intent to assist my healing while sipping gracefully on herbal infusions (with only slight expression of the questionable taste).
Given that not all the herbs tasted wonderfully (and how much time I spend soaking) I got the chance to experiment soaking in different mixes of the Icelandic nature’s bounty. It wasn’t long until I noticed that the local Icelandic potion worked even better for my wellbeing than the herbs and oils I had been buying from abroad. That led to me sharing my concoctions in my inner circle and soon figured I was on to something, at least a well-rounded, healthy hobby.

My bath brews include selected Icelandic healing herbs, specially treated vulcanic ash and epsom salt.

Mostly I make customised bath brews specific to peoples needs and preferences, but I’ve also created the following types for myself that come ‘made to order’:

  • herbal bath brew for female health
  • herbal bath brew for clear skin,
  • herbal bath brew with healing and soothing herbs,
  • relaxing herbal brew and
  • mineral and herbal bath mix to assist detox.

If you’re interested in trying some of my ‘magical pool potion’ for yourself, simply drop me a line.

Thora / Þórlaug

How to use the Bath Brew:

Run a bath, throw the bag in. Get in the tub when it’s 2/3 full and top up with warmer water. Soak in the brew for at least 15 minutes.

The bags were made to be used more than once. They can be wrung in the bath, then placed in boiling water for an old fashioned facial and lung steam treatment before being used cool as a tonic to splash your face or affected areas. The herbs in the bag are finally a perferct addition to any composting pile – My plants even love drinking cold Bath Brew!

The herbs in our bath brews have been carefully selected for their healing effects according to traditional Icelandic herbal doctors, and repeatedly confirmed in modern scientific studies. A list of ingredients comes with each bag.
The brew does not cure cancer, it increases wellbeing.